What Does a Parent Do All Day At Home?

“I don’t think a parent should be allowed to stay home and watch TV all day while the other partner is working” The person who said this had no idea what they were talking about! Who has time to watch TV? Parenting is a full time job. Treat it with respect.

• find time to encourage your child’s
necessary 90 minutes of physical activity
a day
• help your child dream and create things
• play
• have a rest yourself during their sleep
time if you need it
• keep up your own interests - create a
project basket for yourself of things that
interest you- so you can easily find
something interesting if you get a few
minutes to yourself
• plan things in “parent-sized bites”(plans
that include taking your child’s needs
into account).
• make keeping up your home a part of
your respected parenting job - try to
neaten each room as you leave it - the
plan doesn’t always work, but maybe by
the end of the day you can both relax at
the same time