...for parents of babies and littles

A few simple habits will get you to the end of life, and the end of today with no regrets

My heart is to come alongside and support parents and children to create healthy attachment bonds for life long health.

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...how can I connect my child to my heart? (the untapped power of attachment)

...how to protect my relationship? (caring for yourselves while caring for baby)

...who do I have walking beside me? (discovering the strength of good community)

free pdf booklet
Christine Knudsen- Mentor/Coach

As a parent, you matter... explore with me how to gain confidence and perspective to raise emotionally and spiritually healthy kids

what others are saying...

“Thank you Chris for teaching
on the power of attachment
between a parent and child.
This teaching has been valuable
to me as a parent and it is a gift
I want to give my children.”

April Shirran

Administrator, Christian Life Fellowship, Campbell River

Chris is a gifted teacher, great
connector, and deeply cares
about helping young parents
develop a deep and life
altering bond with their babes.
Her message is powerful
and will position you to enjoy
your parenting years.

Caroline Durocher-Bergeron

Pastor, Coach, Creator of Vivid Academy


Chris has so much wisdom and experience to share. She really blessed the women of our church with her caring way of teaching, her wonderful resources, engaging questions for discussion, and with her heart for families. 

Ellie Hazelman, Family Pastor, Oceanside Community Church

how to raise Emotionally healthy and spiritually Healthy Kids

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