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Your child is a gift. You have the power to be an amazing parent. Life can be complicated and distracting, but if you can focus some time every day to connect your child to your heart, they will grow up emotionally healthy and will be able to trust you, trust God and have great relationships throughout their life. You can do it!

Parenting 101 for parents of infants

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                    Do you ever feel like you were away from school on the day everyone else learned parenting… as a new parent you may be feeling vulnerable and unsure...

Parenting is not all about getting everything ‘right’… it is about matters of the heart and mentoring our child and each other to greatness. Join our coaching group and discover perspective and confidence.  Push to LEARN MORE and send me your info…I will contact you within 24 hours and we can chat to see if this is a fit for you.

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