The Dream
It is my "God-dream" that every church could connect with every parent with a new baby in their church and in their community.

Body, Soul and Spirit: This is the information age, with lots of information on body health, nutrition, feeding and sleep, etc, but there is not so much information about spirit and soul. How do you tell a new baby about Jesus? By connecting your baby to your heart as a parent you can provide a secure base of trust, and from that base they can trust God and have life long healthy relationships.

“What happens, right or wrong, in the critical first two years of a baby’s life will imprint that child as an adult” (Magid, 1989).

Sharing this information is a gift we can give to new parents.

By using parenting 101, churches can network with parents of new babies and give them support and encouragement to be the kind of parents they want to be.


Chris Knudsen

The Resource

Parenting 101 is a non-program networking resource between church communities and new parents.

Parenting 101 resource includes two versions, sample cover letters and information pack.

The first version has 4 leaflets in a cover, to be given out at birth, 8 months, 16 months and 2 years. These can be given out with a gift and a visit, or can be emailed to a parent, and can make a way for parents to stay connected to their church community at such an important time in their lives. 

The second version is a one page fold-over which could be useful for your church to supply to a local pregnancy center or community center, wherever there are new parents.

Dream big! Where do you see this being useful in your community? Who is on the front lines of helping new parents in your community? Can you come alongside and provide resources from your church community? In your church, there are usually very few resources or curriculums that are centered on children before the age of 2. This will fill the gap and help you connect with new parents in the first 2 years when they really need you, and help them connect (attach) their child to their heart.

Get your Parenting 101 Resources
Parenting 101 is available to purchase in a downloadable PDF version with permission for you to print and distribute. It is also available to purchase in individual printed copies.
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