“It takes a village to raise a child."

Church is a place where “community” still happens…church is a place where old and young people, rich and poor people and different genders all meet together and enjoy one another’s company. (Most other activities are age graded: the Kindergarteners with other Kindergarteners, the older people hanging out at the Senior’s home where there are no children, and people associating along socioeconomic

We would encourage you to take part in a church community. Bring your baby and worship God together!

“Fish in the Boat”

If you decided to go fishing and wanted to know where the best fishing spot was, would you call the experts and ask? Maybe you would, but if it were me, I would probably go down to the dock and find someone with a fish in their boat and ask them how they got it. 

The same if you are trying to buy a special item, do you go to the Mall office or do you snag a friend who found the perfect deal and ask where they got it.
You are probably not as likely to ask an ‘expert’, as you are to ask someone who is doing it well. 

This is one of the benefits of church community. You can look around for someone with a “fish in their boat” or “the perfect deal” and ask them how they did it. You can learn from others and share with others the things that work.

You can look around for someone with a “fish in their boat” or “the perfect deal” and ask them how they did it.