Hi Parents… I have arrived! 
Did you know that God made me. He knows all about me. He knows my name, my personality and character, who I am and who I will be, and He loves me.


He loves me enough that He gave me to you to look after me and He knows that you are exactly right for me. Sorry if all this responsibility overwhelms you a little. God knows that He has given you a big job looking after me and He says He will hang around and help you out. Sometimes my needs will get more attention than your needs. My tummy will hurt when you want to sleep, or I will have a ‘diaper’ (ugh) just when you get me dressed up to go out, or…you get the picture. I’m going to be pretty helpless for awhile. I’ll need you lots. Thanks for being there for all that stuff. Then there will be the times when I just need YOU, just need the warm fuzzy of being cradled safely in your arms. Thanks for being there for me (the big guys call it being emotionally available). Thanks for letting me bond and attach emotionally, my heart to your heart. That makes my heart sing, and funny, when my heart sings it makes your heart sing (I think they call it endorphins), and both of us feel better.   

How can you build a trust base for your baby, so they can learn to trust you and also learn to trust God?
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We Choose Us
How can you as parents continue to love one another and choose "us" in this busy, topsy-turvy, sleepless time of your life while caring for your baby?
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What I need to Accomplish
Just as body health is very important, soul and spirit health are also very important...what does your baby need in order to be emotionally healthy in the future?
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"It takes a community to raise a child." Do you have a church where you and your baby can be part of community?
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Gift of Time
Time is a precious gift that we can give to our baby. Are you able to arrange your life so that you can actually enjoy your baby?
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Pray with your Child
Pray for your baby every day, ask God to bless them and keep them safe... add your own prayers.
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