The Gift of Time Quality Versus Quantity Time

“Quality Time” became a byword for parents with busy schedules who were not able to spend much time with their kids, but wanted to make it special. HOWEVER… Without Quantity of time there is very little Quality. We need to spend lots of time with our kids in order to take advantage of the extra special quality moments. (When we don’t spend time, we miss things that we  never knew we missed).

5 More Minutes

A man was in the park with his boy.
When it was time to go, the boy asked for 5 more minutes to play. This happened over and over. Finally an onlooker went over and congratulated the man for his patience. He said, “I had an older son who died, I would give anything to be able to give him another 5 minutes”. 

To Work or Not to Work

Maternity/Paternity leave is almost over…what are you thinking about? Can’t wait to get back to work….or are you wishing you could stay home? There is huge pressure on young parents to do everything at once. In the same instance we are expected to finish our studies, get fully established in a career, buy a house, and car(s) and recreational things, raise a family, and at the same time save all our money for retirement. Are you able to slow down a bit and enjoy your kids? There is no ‘right way’…instead there is a ‘principle’…kids need their parents, kids need to attach to their parents in order to be healthy in the future, kids need as much time as their parents can give them…

So this comment box is just to allow you to think it through clearly without guilt. Are you in a position of needing to work to live? If you are, you are among parents all around the world who have always had to work to support their families. In some cultures they have developed ways that the children can be with them at work. Are you able to do that?…or how can you re-organize things so you can spend as much time as possible. Remember the principle is time and attachment, the kids need you.
If you are not the sole earner, think through clearly whether you will make any money when you are working. Add up the cost of daycare, the cost of clothes for work, another vehicle, fast food because you’re tired, etc. and see if in the end you are just trading your time for money that you will end up giving to someone else to raise your baby. 
‘Career’ is another huge issue…will your career wait for you, or can you job share or work a minimum hours a week or work from home? Be creative. Ask
God for ideas. Remember, parenthood is not terminal and your career will go on afterwards, but nothing will replace the first 5 years of your child’s life where they attach to you so they are ready to let go later.
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